Multiple Teams · $10,000 Buick Drive-A-Thon Event November 4th

Cleveland High School Athletics has partnered with Don Ledford in Cleveland to host a Buick Drive-A-Thon Event.  Buick and Don Ledford are challenging CHS Athletics to get 500 people to test drive one of 10 Buick vehicles on November 4th.  The event will start at 7am and will end around 8pm and will be located in front of the CHS Science Wing.  CHS will be rewarded $10 for every test-driver for the first 100.  After that, Buick will give $20 per test-driver up to $10,000!  It will take 500 test-drivers to reach that $10,000 mark!

Blue Raider fans interested in participating in the event can register for a test-drive online before November 4th and schedule a convenient time for a quick 15 minute test-drive OR we welcome test-drivers all day at the event.  November 4th is election day so we are encouraging everyone to stop by and take a quick test-drive!

It is very important that every person that signs up online for a test-drive come and complete the test-drive in order for CHS to get credit for that driver.  Once signed up for the event, participants can change their selected test-drive time if needed by login back into their account.

Cleveland High School Athletics would like to thank Don Ledford in Cleveland for an amazing opportunity!  Let’s do this Raider Nation!!!

How It Works:

To register, go online to (drive a thon) and click register.

 After registering, you will be directed to complete the full registration form. This information will be used to expedite the process on the day of the test drive.

Each test-drive is scheduled for a 15 minute window. The per person process will be very quick and will require very little time!

The high volume of test drives that this will require is being facilitated by the online registration system, which is very fast.