Raiders News · We Are Cleveland!

The 2014-2015 school year is well under way and our athletic teams have already hit the playing fields.  Our athletics staff strongly believes that athletics play an integral part in the life of student athletes at Cleveland High School by assisting in promoting the importance of teamwork, effort, goals, and commitment.

The staff of CHS recognizes that the athletic fields and gymnasiums are an extension of the classroom, where teaching is foremost in the development of character. Interscholastic athletics is highly competitive, but winning is not the primary measure of success. Sportsmanship, respect for participants, and dignity in the face of adversity are more important than the outcome of the contest. All athletes do not perform at the same level, but all can demonstrate effort, dedication, and fair play.

We are honored to represent Cleveland High School in the athletics arena and look forward to and exciting year for of our teams!!