Multiple Teams · CMS/CHS Coaches Attend 3D Coaching Workshop

*The following article is a  workshop recap from a CHS coach.

Cleveland City Schools was lucky enough to have Robert Green come give a presentation on 3D coaching to all of our coaches in the system during professional development. It is very encouraging to our coaching staffs to know that we are being supported by the administration. Not only do we hear from our administration that athletics are important, we are shown that it is important by being given this great resource and opportunity to learn how to become better coaches.

The 3D coaching model is something that I believe is being used daily in our athletic programs. However, it is really important to spend several hours learning how to become even more effective using this model. This model teaches us as coaches how to be transformational coaches in our student/athletes lives. Learning to help our student/athletes be better in every aspect of their life will also have great impact on our athletic programs successes.

Robert continued to stress to us how important it is for us to not only teach the X’s and O’s of athletics, but to build strong relationships with our athletes and teach them how to build strong relationship with each other. These relationships will foster an environment that will allow the people involved with the programs to grow and become great assets for our community.

We are so lucky to be involved with a school system that knows how important it is to bring all of the middle school and high school coaches together and allow us to participate in such a great program. In conclusion, kudos to Cleveland City School administration for preparing our coaches to be the best we can be for our student/athletes. Also a big thanks to Robert Green for guiding us with a great presentation on 3D coaching.


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